Green New Year's Resolution From a MD Childcare Center

Nov 01, 2022

Many of us enjoyed family traditions over the last few weeks. Let us encourage you to adopt a few more family traditions as we begin the new year. 

Our owner and CEO, Dr. Amy Heger serves on the Green Team for the city of Salisbury. One of the main goals of the committee is to figure out how to reduce waste. Over the past week or so, your children most likely received Christmas gifts----Probably more than they needed LOL. 

Now is a great time to sort out old toys and find a new home for them, besides the county dump. Have a conversation with your children about reusing and reducing our waste. One way that your kids can do that is to donate their toys to a charity thrift store or even donate to a child care center. Make sure that these toys are clean when you decide to drop them off. 

Another other way you can reduce buying your children more stuff this year is to do a family swap meet. Your kids can pick out a few things that they no longer want as well as you're their cousins or family friends do the same. They bring everything to a gathering and the kids go home with something new to them. 

One last practice during the year could be to have a “1 in 1 out system.” For every new item your child gets, they find something to get rid of. But it's not just about finding things to get rid of, it is about finding ways to keep these unwanted items out of our local landfills. Especially if things are not broken, they still have some life left in them. We at the Night Watch buy a large majority of our toys from thrift stores. Daycare kids are hard on toys. It just makes more sense to buy things that already have a few scuffs on them, instead of buying brand new toys. The kids have just as much fun with these toys as they do with brand new ones. Plus, we can buy almost three to four times as many toys at Goodwill or Salvation Army than brand new ones from Amazon.

Getting used to finding other uses for our items before trashing them can make a huge difference with our individual carbon footprints. Try sewing up some socks or a shirt before tossing it. Consider YouTubing ways to fix things before tossing out broken items. 

Little changes will make a difference. 

The Night Watch Childcare Center is a Certified Green Business with the City of Salisbury. We adhere to specific guidelines with our practices to maintain this certification. For more information on becoming a Green Business or participating on the Green Team, visit here.