Mom Guilt #2: Support From a Maryland Childcare Center

Nov 01, 2022

Mom Guilt #2: Getting help doesn’t make you a bad mom. 

Several years ago my mom recommended that I get a housekeeper. I have a bad back from a car accident and I can’t really get down and clean like I would like to. Pushing the vacuum can sometimes send my back into spasms. 

When my mom suggested that to me-- it was freeing. It was someone giving me permission to get some help. Getting a housekeeper didn’t mean I was lazy. It didn’t mean that I felt too good to clean my house. 

I just needed help. 

And now almost 8 years later, a housekeeper is part of my monthly budget. She comes twice a month and she is my angel! 

I want to encourage you that just because you get a housekeeper-- a nanny-- or even just get your groceries from Instacart (FYI- you can use EBT on Instacart and Amazon)- you are not a lazy mom. 

Just because you aren’t the ones folding and putting away your children’s clothes-- doesn’t make you a bad mom. 

Just because someone else tucks your babies into bed while you go to work-- doesn’t make you a bad mom. 

Just because you take your kids to daycare while you work from home-- doesn’t make you a bad mom. 

We collectively need to stop judging others for doing what works for them. If you want a nanny-- GET ONE! If you want a chef to come in and meal prep for your family-- GET IT! 

Whatever you need to do to make it work. Nobody has to give you permission to have a peaceful life. 

There are no bonus points for the struggle. 

We love you moms. 

XOXO- The Night Watch