Stopping the Mom Guilt Cycle: Tips From a MD Childcare Center

Nov 01, 2022

Have you ever yelled at your kids after they’ve spilled your coffee or got into your make up? Of course you have. It is a completely natural response to respond with a loud voice and a mean face when we are angry. Something of ours it's messed with, it is totally normal to be upset. Especially as mom's how much do you actually get for yourself? That cup of coffee might be the Only Selfless act you do for yourself that day. That makeup might be the only thing that you've purchased for yourself in the last year. It's understandable that you would be furious.

However, we can find another way Beyond yelling at her kids. Nobody wants to yell at their kids. No one wants to be that loud angry parent. but it does happen. 1 tip is to quickly assess the situation for safety. For instance did the coffee mug break? Is there something in your makeup that could cause more of a mess or an injury?. If not walk out of the room and take a few breaths. Maybe walk out on the balcony or make yourself another cup of coffee. Maybe even GrubHub paying some Dunkin' Donuts for yourself. then come back into the room with paper towels and have your child clean up the mess.  even if all they can do is hold the paper towels and stand there while you do most of the cleaning, it is important that the consequence come from logic instead of emotion. So a logical consequence to making a mess would be to clean it up. Emotional consequence would be to be scolded at.

Taking time for yourself can help decrease these strong responses. If all you get for yourself is a cup of coffee, then of course you're going to react strongly. Imagine if you had time for yourself everyday. Or if you took a night once a month to check into a local hotel for a break? You might not get too upset about your cup of coffee (because you have a hotel stay awaiting you soon!) We at the Night Watch are very passionate about moms taking breaks! Parents-- you need night's off too! Check out our website to see if we could help you make time for yourself!