Family Holiday Memory Book

Between family gatherings, Christmas shopping and picking up extra shifts for Christmas money, it will be January before we know it. 


Take some time this holiday season to make and keep track of memories with your family. Sure, cell phones take great pictures, and Facebook will show us memories each year, but what if you could have more than a few photos to remember by? What if you could keep track of things like movies and cookies that everyone enjoyed this year? 


For our November/December giveaway, we have a free Family Holiday Memory Book! This book includes ideas for making memories as well as space to journal and reflect on this year. There is also space to share photos or other keepsakes from this holiday season. 


With your Family Holiday Memory Book, you’ll also be registered for our next online event in our Mental Health and Parents Series,” Confidence with Boundaries.”


As this holiday season approaches, you may find yourself setting new boundaries with family and friends. You do not have to explain why you choose not to attend a family function instead of making memories at home. You do not have to subject your children to family or family “friends” who make you or your children uncomfortable. You get to set those boundaries- and hold the line for your kids. 


We meet November 19th at 9 AM ET.

Grab it here!