The Night Watch Outreach Program

Extending Our Supports
The Night Watch Outreach Program offers mental health and emotional support and resources for families with young childcare. We utilize a three tiered approach for support. Both families and child care centers are able to work together simultaneously on target areas.
Tier 1 will include routine dissemination of information to parents and childcare providers on community resources, such as the Judy Center and Head Start. The Night Watch Outreach will also share this information as well as attend in-person events and meetings for the Taskforce for Vulnerable Populations for the Wicomico County Area. Information will be in the form of free webinars and quarterly newsletters to parents and childcare providers. The quarterly topics for webinars and newsletters are the following:
Q1: Supporting Self-Esteem in the Family with Birth-4 year olds
Q2: Supporting Effective Communication with Birth-4 year olds
Q3: Supporting In-Home Positivity with Birth-4 year olds
Q4: Supporting On-Going Success with Families with Birth-4 year olds
The webinars and newsletters will be specific towards parents or childcare workers (two sets of materials) and free of charge. Participants will subscribe via email to receive materials and resources. In addition to these topics, resources such as food giveaways, and health, housing and employment opportunities will be shared with families and childcare workers to disseminate to their specific clientele of parents.
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Tier 2 will include in person and virtual support groups for parents of children birth to 4. These groups will meet twice a month with weekly supports via email and online coaching. Parents will also have access to quarterly classes that will support them with the mental/emotional/behavioral needs of their birth-4 year old child. Childcare workers will also have access to coordinating classes to support parents with these new skills. Childcare workers who are not with the Night Watch Childcare Center will be able to purchase the courses for professional development and receive the coordinating parent course for free.
The final tier connects parents to direct therapy for the areas of stress management and goal setting specifically for effective parenting and co-parenting children ages birth-4. Parents will have supports with un-official childcare while they are on the premise receiving therapy at the Night Watch Outreach building. Parents who choose for at-home tele-therapy will not receive this supports with un-official childcare from the Night Watch Outreach Program.
The Night Watch Outreach Program will facilitate referrals for additional therapy if needed as well as collaborate on treatment plans for parents and families.