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Looking to make a move?

K-12 teachers- I see you leaving. I see many of you white-knuckling it trying to get to the holidays or maybe the end of the year.

Even if you're not currently in education-- you just might be ready to venture out!

I know that many of you have been going back and forth for these past few years debating on leaving your job. I know that you’ve spent years getting your degree, years of your life in this field and now possibly looking at walking away from it all.


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Let me grab your ear for a minute...

Have you considered childcare?

Let me grab your ear for a minute— have you considered child care. Now I know what you might be thinking— “I don’t do little kids” “I don’t do snotty noses.” TRUST ME! I was a secondary education  girl through and through! 

My name is Dr. Amy Stewart— I was a middle/high school teacher for 14 years. I would roll my eyes heavy at the idea of teaching toddlers! LOL 

But let me tell you— I quit my K-12 teaching job in 2019. It took some adjusting for sure, but child care has offered me the life I always wanted. I get to teach what I see is relevant based on our kids. I get to engage with parents on a whole other level. Here are a few things I LOVE about childcare! 


Parents are MUCH more involved with their younger children

They want to hear every detail. They are working frantically to adopt your suggestions and hang on every word and tip you have for them about their children. 



After years of parentless “Parent Nights” and mouthy teenagers worried about their phones more than grades, early childhood has been a breath of fresh air. I feel like I am making so much more of a difference!


A New Life

I personally own an overnight childcare center, The Night Watch Childcare. Due to our hours, I have time to mentor in the schools with our kids. I have time to serve on city committees. I served as the education chair for the local NAACP for a time and also served on our city’s Green Team. I am currently serving on the committee for the city zoo!! I mean, K-12 me would’ve NEVER had that kind of time. I've been recognized with awards for my business as well! I've been able to speak at conferences too! 


Let me show you another option in the education field

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I’d love to offer you another option to walking away from education all together. This could be something temporary while you heal and find your next step. This could grow into an 8-figure franchised business. 

Grab your Childcare Business Planner here! 

Get those ideas down. Get some of those initial questions answered. Let's get moving!