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After over 2 years of virtual tours, we are now offering in-person tours! 

Schedule your tour, meet our staff and see our facility! 

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Tuition and Fees(per child)

3 years old and up ........ $37 per day

6 weeks to 23 months ......... $47 per day

Registration Fee .........$100 per child

Late Payment ........... $15 

Late Pick up ......... $15

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open on weekends?: Not anymore. In August of 2022, we moved for a Monday-Friday schedule, however, Friday night rolls into Saturday morning- so we officially close Saturday morning at 8:30a. 

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers or Purchase of Care? WE DO! The program is not called Maryland Childcare Scholarships. We do participate in the program and are currently at a level 3. We are happy to help you apply for these benefits. 

Do you offer sibling discounts? No. 

Know Your Rights 

Parents please take time to review this resource, "The Guide to Regulated Care."