Paying for Childcare 

The Child Care Scholarship (CCS) (formerly known as Child Care Subsidy) Program provides financial assistance with child care costs to eligible working families in Maryland. The program is managed through a centralized vendor -- Child Care Scholarship Central 2 (CCS Central 2).

Full Application for Childcare Scholarships 


For more information from the full site, visit here. 


For some 1:1 assistants and technical support from us, please schedule a personalized session with one of our Family Support Staff here


Do you work with a community group such as a shelter or community organization and would like us to come work with your clients to help them apply for child care scholarships, please reach out at One of our Family Support Specialists can come on-sight for an information session on the program and help families through the application process. 

Excellence in Childcare

We currently are published at a level 4 for excels accreditation. we are working to improve our professional rigor with continued professional development, community engagement and high quality child care for a diverse classroom.